Here below you will find  instructions to the available Dollhouse Kits we sell. Each Dollhouse kit is shipped with no instructions as they can be easily downloaded from the links below. If for any reason you need extra assistance during the assembly process of the Dollhouse contact us and we will be more then happy to assist in your dollhouse build.


To open files;

PDF- Right mouse click the PDF file and select save target as or save as  depending on software and finally select your save location or once download complete go to your computer downloads in my computer and open file. .



Vivian Mansion assembly Instructions

Vivian Mansion Assembly instructions.pdf Vivian Mansion Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 2371.626 Kb
Type : pdf

Craftsman one car garage assembly Instructions

Little Annabelle assembly Instructions

Little Annabelle assembly Instructions.pdf Little Annabelle assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2327.421 Kb
Type : pdf

Leon Victorian Gothic 2018 Assembly instructions

Leon victorian gothic 2018 instructions 1.pdf Leon victorian gothic 2018 instructions 1.pdf
Size : 6262.223 Kb
Type : pdf

Hannah Victorian Assembly instructions

Hannah Assembly instructions.pdf Hannah Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 3323.881 Kb
Type : pdf

Hamlin Victorian Assembly instructions

Hamlin Assembly instructions.pdf Hamlin Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 3445.061 Kb
Type : pdf

Lansdowne Two Car Garage Assembly instructions

Lansdowne garage Assembly Instructions.pdf Lansdowne garage Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1268.991 Kb
Type : pdf

Lansdowne One Car Garage Assembly instructions

Lansdowne one garage Assembly Instructions.pdf Lansdowne one garage Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1371.91 Kb
Type : pdf

Wayside Cottage Assembly instructions

Wayside Cottage Assembly Instructions.pdf Wayside Cottage Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1108.816 Kb
Type : pdf

Little Briana Cottage Assembly instructions

Briana assembly Instructions.pdf Briana assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2141.599 Kb
Type : pdf


Straight Staircase with Landing assembly instructions

Straight Staircase Assembly with Landing.pdf Straight Staircase Assembly with Landing.pdf
Size : 861.883 Kb
Type : pdf


Stansfield Victorian assembly instructions

Stansfield assembly Instructions.pdf Stansfield assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 7412.225 Kb
Type : pdf


Seascape Bungalow assembly instructions

Seascape Bungalow assembly instructions.pdf Seascape Bungalow assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 1464.787 Kb
Type : pdf


Straight staircase assembly instructions

Straight staircase 2 full scale.pdf Straight staircase 2 full scale.pdf
Size : 194.373 Kb
Type : pdf


Ashley Gothic 1:12 assembly instructions

Ashley Gothic 2 Assembly Instructions.pdf Ashley Gothic 2 Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1648.059 Kb
Type : pdf


Sadie Victorian Cottage Dollhouse Assembly Instructions


Ariana Gothic Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Ariana Victorian Assembly Instructions.pdf Ariana Victorian Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2254.834 Kb
Type : pdf


Hegeler Carus Mansion Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Hegeler Carus Assembly Instructions.pdf Hegeler Carus Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 3202.728 Kb
Type : pdf


Alisha Country dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Alisha Dollhouse Assembly Instructions.pdf Alisha Dollhouse Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2074.913 Kb
Type : pdf


Victorian Gazebo Assembly Instructions

Victorian Gazebo Assembly instructions.pdf Victorian Gazebo Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 783.312 Kb
Type : pdf


2 Bay Garage Assembly Instructions

Double Garage Assembly Instructions.pdf Double Garage Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1162.172 Kb
Type : pdf


Rowen Gothic Victorian Assembly Instructions

Rowen Victorian Assembly Instructions.pdf Rowen Victorian Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2152.505 Kb
Type : pdf


Tiffany Victorian Farmhouse Assembly Instructions

Tiffany Victorian assembly instructions.pdf Tiffany Victorian assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 3138.813 Kb
Type : pdf


Little Nikki Assembly Instructions

Little Nikki Instructions.pdf Little Nikki Instructions.pdf
Size : 2721.453 Kb
Type : pdf

 Spiral stairs Assembly Instructions

Spiral Stair assembly instructions.pdf Spiral Stair assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 1180.107 Kb
Type : pdf


Abriana  Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Abriana Cottage Instructions.pdf Abriana Cottage Instructions.pdf
Size : 1775.739 Kb
Type : pdf

Castle House Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Castle House Assembly Instructions w stairs.pdf Castle House Assembly Instructions w stairs.pdf
Size : 3310.092 Kb
Type : pdf


Kristiana Tudor Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Kristiana Tudor Assembly Instructions.pdf Kristiana Tudor Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2421.891 Kb
Type : pdf


Terri Cottage Dollhouse Assembly Instructions 

Terri Instructions.pdf Terri Instructions.pdf
Size : 1238.281 Kb
Type : pdf


Country Outhouse  Assembly Instructions

Country Outhouse assembly Instructions.pdf Country Outhouse assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 980.142 Kb
Type : pdf


Garage Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Garage Dollhouse.pdf Garage Dollhouse.pdf
Size : 1293.57 Kb
Type : pdf


Lisa Painted Lady San Francisco dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Lisa San Francisco Instructions.pdf Lisa San Francisco Instructions.pdf
Size : 2107.759 Kb
Type : pdf


Stephanie Country Mansion Dollhouse Assembly Instructions

Stephanie Dollhouse assembly Instructions.pdf Stephanie Dollhouse assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 2013.214 Kb
Type : pdf


Jasmine Gothic Victorian Dollhouse Assembly Instructions


Jasmine Gothic Victorian Cottage Assembly Instructions

  Little Ann Assembly Instructions

Little Ann Instructions.pdf Little Ann Instructions.pdf
Size : 836.555 Kb
Type : pdf

 Little Ann 2 w/ shingles and siding

 Assembly Instructions

Little Ann 2 Instructions.pdf Little Ann 2 Instructions.pdf
Size : 933.488 Kb
Type : pdf

Ashley Dollhouse assembly instructions


Ashley Assembly Instructions.pdf Ashley Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 18583.973 Kb
Type : pdf


Leon Gothic Victorian Mansion Assembly Instructions

Leon Gothic 2 Assembly Instructions.pdf Leon Gothic 2 Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 1550.309 Kb
Type : pdf

Leon Gothic Victorian Mansion Assembly Instructions

Leon Gothic Victorian assembly instructions.pdf Leon Gothic Victorian assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 6001.393 Kb
Type : pdf


Glenrose  Assembly Instructions

Glenrose Dollhouse Assembly Instructions.pdf Glenrose Dollhouse Assembly Instructions.pdf
Size : 764.583 Kb
Type : pdf

Country Villa Assembly Instructions 


Country Villa assembly instructions.pdf Country Villa assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 5634.094 Kb
Type : pdf

 Victorian Farmhouse Assembly Instructions

Victorian Farmhouse assembly instructions.pdf Victorian Farmhouse assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 4992.713 Kb
Type : pdf

Victorian Gazebo Assembly Instructions

Gazebo Assembly instructions.pdf Gazebo Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 869.946 Kb
Type : pdf


Victorian Gazebo II Assembly Instructions

Victorian Gazebo II Assembly instructions.pdf Victorian Gazebo II Assembly instructions.pdf
Size : 1036.303 Kb
Type : pdf

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